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February 16, 2012
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Imogen walked through the hallway, head down low with her hoodie, its long sleeves covering her arms and her black hair covering her eyes. A lot of glares and whispers from her peers.
"Oh god, there is she is" she heard a voice. It was the typical popular blonde skinny girl that everyone loved
"She's such a freak" one of her friends joined in
"Attention seeker or what?"
Imogen, however, decided to ignore these mean girls and not tamper with their ways because she always knew the price to pay for retaliation. Suddenly, she felt something hit her at the back of the head, causing her to fall down.
"Emo!" shouted the jock who pushed her over
"Emo! Emo! Emo! Emo!" All of the popular kids all chanted together.
Quickly, Imogen got up and ran down the hall, the kids still chanting at her.
"Awwwww, is she gonna cut again?" that same popular girl laughed.
"Boo hoo!" another one laughed
Whilst poor Imogen was running, she felt balls of paper hitting her and people attempting to kick her and trip her up.

When she got home, she threw her bag down on her bed, sat down and covered her eyes. Why didn't these people understand what she'd been through? Her mother died of Cancer just two weeks ago and now her father is suffering from depression. She feels that she has no one to talk to which is why she has cuts all up her arm. Imogen got the knife out from her drawer and stared at it. Right now, maybe suicide was the only option but she couldn't leave her poor Dad, especially in the state he's in right now. Imogen sighed, put the knife away and buried her head in her pillow.

It was time for Gym class, Zoe's most hated lesson. She made her way into the changing room, found her usual spot and started changing into her gym clothes. Suddenly, Courtney, the popular girl with a "model's body" and her friends shoved past her.
"Sorry, didn't see you there Zoe" Courtney smiled sarcastically
"Even though you already take up a load of space" her friend laughed
Zoe didn't answer, instead she continued to get changed.
"By the way Zoe, do you really need to eat that much at lunch?" Courtney asked rudely
"Yeah, I've seen the way she fills her plate up" said her friend
"Ever thought of eating a Salad?" Courtney continued.

Zoe put her light brown hair back up in a ponytail and rushed past Courtney and her friends. Unfortunately, during Gym class, the class had to run three laps around the Gym and after just the first lap, Zoe got tired.

"Come on Zoe! You can do it!" Courtney cheered sarcastically

Everyone laughed at poor Zoe as she was the last to finish the laps and came back huffing and puffing

"Nice running fatty!" one of the boys laughed
"Did you see how much her flab was moving? Gross!" another one laughed

After a little more "fat" comments, Zoe got home to her room and went under her bed to find her pills. These weren't just normal pills, these were diet pills. Zoe hid these pills and decided to keep them until she felt that she wanted to take them. More fat names and jokes began spiraling around her mind.
"I won't be fat anymore....."
Without hesitation, she took her first pill.

Months later, Zoe walked down the hallway, a lot of people staring at her, she even got Courtney's attention. She was now skinny but the thing is, now she fears that she will get fat every time she eats so she doesn't eat much at all. At lunch, she only buys an apple and a bottle of water.

"Anorexia or what?" said a boy, that same boy who made fun of her for being fat a few months ago in Gym Class.
"She's way too thin" said another person.

Zoe sighed. She was never gonna be good enough for her peers because she was either too fat or too thin but Courtney and those who tormented her don't know what they've done.

" And I hope you're thinking of me
As you lay down on your side
Now the drugs don't work
They just make you worse
But I know I'll see your face again
Now the drugs don't work
They just make you worse
But I know I'll see your face again"

Zoe loved this song but why didn't she truly listen to the lyrics? Like it said, they don't work, they just make things worse.

Brooke walked over to her locker, history books in her hands. Brooke was quite a smart and intelligent girl who got good grades. However, her reputation wasn't. Brooke was wearing a baggy over sized hoodie and her dark hair was up in a messy bun.
"Hey Brooke!" someone called over. She turned around to see it was one of the popular boys
"Nice pictures" he grinned
Brooke instantly turned away, ignoring his comment. Suddenly, her books were knocked out of her hands.
"Whore!" a girl known as Crystal hissed at her
Brooke picked up her books, "No I'm not!" she shouted in protest
"Liar! Everyone knows what you did!"
"You're a bitch!!" Brooke yelled at her
"Ooooooooo!!!" that same boy and his friends laughed.
Unfortunately, for Brooke, Crystal was quite a strong girl so she slammed poor Brooke against the lockers and punched her in the face causing a nose bleed. Brooke was now in tears.
"Aaaawwwww! She's crying!" Crystal's friend said sarcastically
"Good, the filthy slut deserves it" Crystal scowled then walked off

Brooke was left sitting against the lockers, her hoodie now stained with blood and tears. They called Brooke a whore because a few weeks ago, she met a guy she liked who was a year older than her and over the internet, they began chatting. However, this guy insisted that she should take nude pictures for him and he promised that he would "never show anyone". He lied. He posted the pictures up on Facebook and nearly the whole School saw them. Poor Brooke couldn't believe she got herself into this.

"I'll never trust anyone again....."

Felicia waited by the bus stop, earphones in. She was wearing short denim shorts with tights, a bright green strap top with a luminous pink necklace, had big gold earrings in and had her blonde hair put into a side ponytail a long with wearing blue eye shadow and mascara. The bus for the School then arrived for her.

"Oh god, look who showed up today" a girl snickered
"What the hell is she wearing? " her friend laughed
Felicia could hear every word they said like a slap in the face, so she decided to turn her iPod up more to drown out their comments.

When Felicia arrived to Science class, those same girls were there.
"Hey Felicia, what's with all the colours?" the girl asked, giggling rudely
"Are you trying to be the rainbow or something?" her friend joined in
"Okay class, settle down!" her Science teacher told the class
Whilst her teacher was talking, Felicia looked round to see a lot of her other peers whispering about her and having a quiet laugh. She sighed then got out her book.

"Someone's looking for attention" another girl grinned as Felicia walked out of the School
"Jesus, what's with the clothes?" a boy laughed

When Felicia got home, she dropped her bag by the couch and sat down to watch TV.
"Felicia? Is that you?" A voice called from the kitchen
"Yeah Mom"
Felicia's Mom came out of the kitchen
"Felicia your Father and I would like to talk about your report" she told her
Her Mom then called her Dad from upstairs.
"Turn that TV off!" her Dad snapped
Felicia did what she was told and she knew she was never allowed to answer back to her Father.
"Felicia, I'm afraid your grades just aren't good enough" her Mom frowned
"You got a D in Science" said her Dad
"So? I got mostly Bs in the other subjects" Felicia told them
"Don't you so us young lady!" her Dad shouted
"Felicia, this just simply isn't good enough!" her Mom joined
"But Mom, I really try hard!" Felicia protested
"No you don't! You're lazy and spend all day watching that damn TV!" her Dad yelled at her
"I do try my best! I'm just not that good at Science okay!!??" Felicia argued.

Suddenly, her Dad grabbed her by the arm, took her Science book out of her School bag and dragged her up the stairs then shoved her into her room.

"Sit down!" he ordered so she did was she was told
Her Dad then got out a pen, a paper and placed her Science book on her desk.
"From now on you're gonna keep studying until you get a good grade!" he yelled then slammed the door

Felicia slammed her head on the desk and began crying. Why couldn't her parents see the good on their daughter? Why did they only ever see the negatives? Why couldn't they give her the respect she deserved? Why did she have to feel so unloved?

"Awesome man!!" Esther squealed as her friend showed her the picture she drew in Art class
"I know right?" she grinned
"Looks like a donkey" her other friend commented
"Shut up!!" Esther laughed loudly, giving her friend a small shove
Esther was quite a loud girl, so she got a lot of attention.
"Hey! Do you mind keeping it down Esther?" a girl complained from the table next to her
"I don't think she understands the word 'quiet'" her friend snickered
Esther suddenly sunk down, and didn't speak at all. Her friends pretended that the conversation never happened and continued to talk.

After lunch, Esther now had her politics lesson, a lesson where people seemed to speak out their mind and opinions a lot, a lesson of "Arguing and Debating"

"I don't think that's fair!" Esther protested against someone else's view on illegal immigrants
"Jesus Esther! Give it a rest!" someone complained at her
"Yeah, its not a concert!"
"Esther, sweetie? Just keep it down a bit?" the teacher asked "trying" to be nice

There was a reason why Esther was loud. She lived in a big home with six other brothers and sisters and because her parents were always so busy with work, they never paid much attention to her. When Esther got in, a lot of her younger brothers and sisters were already in. She was the oldest child. Esther gave up trying to communicate with her family because they never seemed to "hear" her and she always felt left out. When she got to her bedroom, she brushed down her thick, curly, brown hair and sighed. Maybe it would be best if she just stopped talking as she already was "too loud"

Carmen sat down in the cafeteria, home made lunch in her hands. This was her first week in her new School after she left her old one. Carmen didn't talk much and was very shy and still didn't seem to be making any friends. Carmen was very pale, had dark long black hair in a plait and was wearing a long sleeved purple shirt and blue jeans. She was minding her own business eating lunch when a boy, quite large looking sat next to her.
"Hey" he grinned
Carmen smiled weakly but she was suddenly then surrounded by a large group of boys and girls
"What's your name?" he asked
"C-C-Carmen" she stuttered
"W-W-W-What??" he laughed, friends joining in
"Carmen" she said sternly
"So, like, why do you never talk?" he asked
Carmen ignored him and carried on eating her lunch
"HELLO!!???" he yelled down her ear, causing her to squeal
"Did you hear that?" one of the girls laughed
" Can you talk?" the large boy asked
She nodded
"Well go on then"
Carmen had enough of all this attention, even other kids were watching from her table so she got up charged past the big group of kids and headed to the Girls' toilets where she ate the rest of her lunch in the cubicle. Poor Carmen was close to tears over how many people crowded her like that, she already had enough attention like that in her old School. There was a reason she never talked. She was bullied in her last School and was cornered and crowded and was made fun of for speaking her opinion so now she doesn't talk that much in fear she'll be made fun of.

Bridget walked through the cafeteria, holding her lunch that she bought from there.
"Someone needs to lay off the fatty food!" a popular girl laughed
"Wow, that's enough to feed four people!" her friend joined in
Ignoring there comments, Bridget walked past the girls, to search for a table but only to be spotted by a group of boys.
"Hey fatty, way to go for stealing most of the food here!" a boy called Aiden called out to her
"Here, have some more!" his friend laughed as he threw fries at her
"Pig!" Aiden shouted
Suddenly, the whole cafeteria started chanting "Pig! Pig! Pig! Pig!" and making oink noises at her then all of the sudden, that same girl she saw earlier knocked the tray of food out of her hands
"Ooops!" she said sarcastically
Bridget went to run off but then slipped on her tray and fell down on the floor, causing more people to laugh and even take photos on their phones.

When Bridget got home, she logged onto her Facebook account but when she scrolled down the home page, it was almost flooded with pictures of her on the cafeteria floor. She clicked on the one Aiden uploaded and read the comments
"LOL Fatty"
"Accident in McDonalds? :L"
"This is why fat people shouldn't try to run"
"Eeeewww! Look at her hair! It's so greasy!"
"That's obviously burger grease"

Tears were filling Bridget's eyes as she read the hurtful comments. After reading the comment about her hair, she began to twiddle with it. Her hair was blonde and thin and got quite greasy at times. No longer wanting to read the large amount of comments, Bridget turned to look at the photograph of her older brother who unfortunately died in a car crash two months ago after a night out with his friends. She loved her brother to bits and he loved her. He was like a best friend to her and would always comfort her whenever she got bullied at School but now, the only person to ever make her feel like she was worth something, was now taken away. She picked up the photo, sat on the bed and stared at it
"Oh Dion!" she cried as she cuddled the picture
"Why? Why did you take him away from me!!??" she screamed up to the ceiling
Bridget then walked over to her draw, a secret draw where she hid a gun. She picked it up and walked back over to the bed
"Don't worry Dion, I'll be with you soon" she sniffed

Dear Mom, Dad and Jasmine,
All I've got to say is that I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I have to go through with this but now I don't have Dion, I feel that no one cares about me and kids at School would obviously be better off if I was dead. I'm so sorry I have to do this since you've already lost Dion but I just can't carry on anymore; I've lost the battle and so I must leave forever. Soon, I'll be joining Dion on the other side and I promise that both me and him will be watching over you. Maybe if there is a Heaven, I'll be somewhere where I belong, somewhere where I'm not judged, somewhere where I'll be loved.

I'm so sorry to do this to you but fate awaits me now. I love you all but now it's time to say goodbye and farewell.


And so, later that night, she pulled the trigger to her head and soon discovered by her little sister Jasmine.

Bridget ate a lot because she missed her older brother that badly and because he was no longer around for her comfort, she was comfort eating. But those kids at School just didn't understand that she lost someone that close to her and now because of them, her family have now lost someone close to them.

Daisy sat comfortably in the library on one of the red beanie bags, reading her favorite book. Daisy had shoulder length red hair and wore black glasses along with a normal pair of jeans and blue shirt.
"Geek!" she heard a voice call over
She looked up to see it was Kayleigh, a tough girl in her grade
"What are you looking at?" Kayleigh spat, her two other friends by her side
"You know, it was you who called me with that stupid name" Daisy mumbled
" You're the one who's stupid, reading that stupid book!" she hissed
"Technically, I'm not the one who's stupid. You are as unlike you, I actually study" Daisy answered back
Kayleigh suddenly grabbed Daisy by the shirt and yanked her off the beanie bag, causing her to drop her book
"Look at the book she's reading!" one of Kayleigh's friends laughed as she held it up high
Kayleigh then dropped Daisy on the ground and then snatched the book off her friend and then looked at the title.
"Ha! How pathetic!" she laughed
"Give it back!" Daisy complained, trying to get it back from Kayleigh
Kayleigh then threw it to her friend who then threw it to the other friend and then back to Kayleigh; basically throwing it around in a circle whilst Daisy was trying to get it back. Finally, after Kayleigh got the book, she tore it up in front of Daisy.
"My book!" Daisy cried
"My book!" Kayleigh mimicked
Kayleigh then spat on the book then walked off leaving Daisy sitting there crying. She loved that book as it was her favorite one that she read over three times. Daisy bought that book with her own money as her family has been suffering with poverty and because she wants to support her family, she studies a lot so she can get into College to help them as much as she can.

"Abercrombie" was the "thing to wear" right now and it was incredibly popular with all the kids at School and a lot of kids were wearing that brand, except from Naomi. Naomi waited quietly by the bus stop for her bus until she suddenly saw four girls wearing skirts and dresses from this brand. As soon as they spotted her, they whispered to each other and started laughing out loud, obviously because Naomi wasn't wearing the "latest fashion"
"Hey Naomi? Where do you get your clothes from?" the leader of the girls asked meanly
"The charity shop?" the second girl asked
"How much was that ugly shirt?"
"Three dollars....." Naomi mumbled
All four of them squealed out in laughter
"Are you serious!?" the fourth girl laughed
As soon as all five of the girls got on the bus, Naomi saw a lot of her peers wearing the "Abercrombie" brand. As soon as the four girls went to sit down in their seats, they told the rest of the kids everything.

"Oh my god! Really!?" One kid gasped
" Three dollars!?"
"How does she live?"

It wasn't Naomi fault that she couldn't afford this brand as at home, her parents are both struggling to find jobs so clothes isn't exactly the top thing to buy when her family struggle to even buy food.

"Man! You Ugggggg-ly!" a boy impersonated to Elena, who was walking down the hallway
"Wow! Look at those craters!" another person yelled
"Make sure she doesn't brake any mirrors! That means bad luck!" another person shouted
To these kids, Elena was supposedly "ugly" She had long dirty blonde hair, glasses and a lot of acne
"Look how disgusting that face is!"

Elena was a bit of a tom boy so she preferred not to "dress up" or put on make up like the other girls did which made her an easy target for girl teasing. One day though, that all changed. She decided to put on foundation to cover her spots and put on make up which took her a long time in the morning as she wanted to look pretty and no longer tormented at School for being "ugly"

A lot of Elena's peers noticed her sudden change of looks and she got a lot of stares this morning but no one said a word, until Miranda came a long, the girl who started this cruel "ugly" joke.
"Wow, Elena you're wearing make up?" she asked sarcastically
Elena nodded. "Yes"
"Okay, first you look like you haven't showered in a month and now you just look like a dog!" she snickered
"What's with all the make up all of the sudden?" Miranda's friend asked rudely
"Did you think that would make you stop being ugly?" Miranda laughed meanly
"Cake Face!" her friend yelled

The name "Cake Face" was given to Elena for the rest of that day and she also had a lot of kids saying that she still looked ugly and that she looked "fake"

"What is the true definition of beauty?" Elena cried, staring at her bathroom mirror. Her make up was now running down her cheek because of her tears.

These ten girls all have a story. Stories that I'm sure a lot of people can relate to. But what this story is truly conveying is that perhaps if you actually got to know someone and what they have to live with or have been through instead of making first judgments on them, then School, the Internet and the world would be a better place.
This was inspired by a "repost" message on bullying:

She's emo? You'd cut too, if you've been through what she has.

She's anorexic? You'd be too, if everyone called you fat everyday.

She's a whore? She made one mistake that cost her, her reputation.

She's a showoff? Her parents abused her, & she's never heard of praise.

She's loud? She's invisible at home, & she wants to be heard.

She's quiet? She's afraid to speak, because she's scared to get made fun of.

She's fat? She binges, because she misses her dead brother.

She's a geek? She wants to get into college, so she can support her poverty ridden family.

She doesn't wear abrecrombie? Her parents have been out of work for months, clothes aren't her top priority if she can't even afford food.

She's ugly? Tell me, what is the definition of beauty?

Who are you to judge them? You know their name, not their story. Repost if you're against bullying

Basically, I've gone through every one of these and put them into a fictional story. I hope you like it :)
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